Vence Studio

Helpful Information about Staying at Les Remparts

This is a list of items that will make your stay at Les Remparts more enjoyable.

Before You Arrive

  1. Please notify Ruth as soon as possible of your flight arrival time. Please notify her of any flight delays. Once you are in France and looking for the building, she may be reached on her mobile phone at 06 78 00 60 71. She asks that arrivals be between 3 and 8pm, if possible.
  2. Contact Roger at least a month before your departure to get the keys. A refundable $100 key deposit will be held until the keys are returned. Please return the keys promptly since someone else may be waiting to receive them.
  3. There are four ways to get to the building:
    1. Rent a car. Do this from the USA to save money. You will want a small car to be able to fit into the parking space and to navigate the small streets in many villages. A small Renault Clio or Megane is good.
    2. Take a taxi. The cost is about $60.00
    3. Take a bus from the airport. Some public buses go directly to the Vence Grand Jardin. If the direct bus in not coming for a while, take the bus into Nice to the Gare Routiere (the last stop) and change to the bus for Vence. Get off at the last stop. You can follow the directions in the parking instructions or go to the tourist bureau on the Grand Jardin and ask for directions.
    4. Roger can give you the number of a pick up service. The cost of this is about 35 euros.
  4. Parking is always a challenge in Vence. Luckily, the Vence studio has a great parking space. See the directions under driving instructions.

In the Apartment

    1. You will find in the apartment: hair dryer, iron, and radio/CD player. Mr Coffee style coffee maker, cleaning supplies, linen and towels. There are many books and CDs as well as a well-stocked selection of guidebooks and maps. Please do not take these with you. A copy machine is located in the Tabac in case you want to duplicate any material.
    2. Please use a calling card to place long distance calls. The ATT access code is 0800-990-011.
    3. Appliances include a gas stove with an electric broiler. The stove has an automatic pilot light, but you may wish to use the long handled matches provided. Use of the stove: For top burners—press in the knob, turn handler, and then press “allumage table.” This is the pilot light. This should light the burner automatically. The oven works differently. Light the oven by holding a match to the hole in the bottom center of the oven surface. Simultaneously, you need to turn the “thermostat tout” button to get the gas started.

  1. There is also a refrigerator/freezer and a washing machine. Please be careful to follow the directions to the washing machine and do not overload it. There is no dryer so use the plastic clothes rack in the bathroom or use the lines located downstairs (located by going out my gate and immediately to your left going down the stairs). A light switch is in the stairwell; the light is on a short timer.
  2. The toilet is flushed with the button on top of the tank. Press one drop for liquid and three drops for ..well, you know. This is an energy saver and very important since the cost of water is very expensive in France.
  3. Garbage is collected most nights from the grey container near the front gate of the building.
  4. Please be kind enough to water the plants outside. The only live indoor plant is the tall green plant.
  5. Please do not take the light towels to the beach. Beach towels are in dark colors. There are also grass mats to be taken to the beach if you desire. The beaches in Nice are all rocky beaches. Antibes has beautiful, but crowded, sand beaches.
  6. Under no circumstances should you touch the water heater. If it does not work, call Ruth.
  7. Please read the guest books for wonderful ideas while you are in Vence and write a page before you leave to share with others.


In Vence

    1. The tourist bureau is very helpful. The folks who work there all speak English. They have bus schedules and lists of restaurants.
    2. There are several places to shop for food. The most colorful is the Rue de Marche in the old city. Very colorful and fun, but getting more and more touristy every year with the food shops giving way to knickknack shops. There are several wonderful supermarkets. The best is Le Clerc. It rivals anything we have in the USA. Monoprix and Casino are other places that have good selections. Monoprix is very convenient. Food is on the top floor of Monoprix, which is accessed from Rue Henri Isnard or enter from the Avenue de la Resistance. From this entry way, you will find notions and clothing. Take the internal steps to the top floor to find the food.
    3. The Rue de Marche is quite nearby in the Old City. The street contains fruit, fish and pastry vendors. Poulet-a-Go-Go (yes, that’s the real name) has wonderful chicken to take out. Fresh bread is available daily.
    4. Banks have strange hours. They close for long lunches. Most banks are closed Mondays. You will need your passport to do business inside the bank. There are ATM machines outside most banks. They are accessed just as they are in the States. Most have the opportunity to have directions in English. Remember that the amounts shown are euros, not dollars.

  1. You can get stamps at either the PTT (Post, telephone, and telegraph) on Place Clemenceau or at the Tabac. The tabac also carries international newspapers. The post office has prepaid boxes you can buy to ship things back home.
  2. Flea markets are held twice a week once in the Grand Jardin (Wednesday) for knick knacks. Once a week the market is in Place Clemenceau for food, clothes, etc.
  3. The Matisse Chapel is directly across the valley. You will see it because it is white with blue wavy lines on the roof. It is the most famous attraction in Vence. It is usually open 10-11:30am and 2:30-4pm. It can be reached by walking down the descente and climbing up the hill on the other side. There are small signs showing you where to walk. You may also walk or drive down Rue Henri Isnard until the end of the street, turn right, and go across the bridge. Follow the signs to chapel.
  4. For your information, the building across the Traverse des Moulin (while on the balcony, look to the right) was Dubuffet’s studio.

Have a wonderful time and enjoy yourselves!